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Time to take on the Holy Grail, don't you think?

Wed 8 Dec 2004, 08:24 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Over on, Jake Howlett posted an article on Domino Rich Text in the Browser, Advanced, in which he says
The last article I wrote - Domino Rich Text In The Browser - introduced the idea of editing WYSIWYG HTML in the browser without needing to use any Java applets. The text was stored as PassThru HTML, giving the appearance of native Rich Text. It wasn't quite the Holy Grail of being able to edit native Rich Text in both the client and a browser without losing any formatting. However, if your users don't use the client, it's a nice solution and worthy of a read.
A pretty good article, but what about that that line?
It wasn't quite the Holy Grail of being able to edit native Rich Text in both the client and a browser without losing any formatting.
Isn't it about time we did something about that?  Watch this space for details.

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What has been said:

245.1. stephen neal
(09/12/2004 02:41)

Would some further clues be derived by looking through previous bloggs ?

245.2. Jake Howlett
(09/12/2004 02:45)

You're not going to steal my Christmas thunder I hope ben? ;-)

I have another article (yet to be started, but planned for Christmas time) that is a stab at The Grail. To say it's a hack however would be an insult to hacks. It's such a nasty hack I don't even really understand how it works (it was cooked-up by a codestore reader). Not sure how I'm going to write about it. Maybe I'll just make it available, with a hefty disclaimer.

Anyway, I look forward to your solution. As you know, I'm about start a project in the new year that using your Midas software, with which I'm really impressed so far.

Can you grow a beard by Christmas and replace your photo? If you did that and answered all of our dreams with The Grail I may end up believing in Santa again!

245.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/09/2004 04:39 AM)

Stephen - It would be fair to see this hint through the prism of previous blog entries, yes.

Jake - Ho Ho Ho!

245.4. Stephen Neal
(09/12/2004 05:11)

Ben - Hmmm... very interesting, I remember speaking to you about this issue back in 2003 at the Notes Developer 2003 event in London

Jake - How can you not believe in Father Christmas !

245.5. BÝrge
(06.01.2005 01:37)

That would be about time, yes :-)

When can we expect to see somehing?

245.6. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/06/2005 04:43 AM)

The sentimental development side of me likes Father Christmas, but the marketing side finds it is traditional to wait for Lotusphere for such things. Not to make any predictions or anything.