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We need a logo or two

Wed 9 Mar 2005, 08:27 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Hard as it is for me to believe, Genii Software has been around for over ten years, and Midas has been around for seven, and we still don't really have a logo.  I am considering paying for a professional one, but I am willing to entertain any ideas you have, silly or otherwise.  I'd really like a GeniiSoft logo, perhaps a really simple one such as

Inline GIF image

and perhaps something a bit fancier, such as 

Inline GIF image

or even fancier, such as
Inline GIF image

But even if any of these were worth having, and I am no judge, I'm afraid, I also need a way to create a Midas Inside logo for those companies, and there are more and more, who are using the Midas engine whether as an LSX, C++ version or @Midas version (there are all three).  Should that logo reflect the Genii logo, or should they be completely different,such as the totally derivative

Inline GIF image

or one that would go with the logo above, such as

Inline GIF image

Any thoughts from all of you creative, and hopefully artistic, folks?  Should I go ahead and hire the professional?  (Ironically, the main issue here is not cost but time, as now that I want a log, I want it now!)

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What has been said:

298.1. Duffbert
(03/09/2005 07:48 PM)

I'd recommend the guy who did the Team-TSG logo, Greyhawk's and also Captain Oblivious...

298.2. Bruce Elgort
(03/09/2005 08:29 PM)


I would lose the genii lamp portion of the logo. Too me it just doesn't fit. I would stick with a simple text based logo. As you have said before, it's word of mouth that has sold your products and not advertising, marketing etc. Keep it simple. If you do decide to play off a logo I would include things in the logo that convey what your products do. If I think of anything I will let you know.

Good luck.