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Is CoexEdit a "Coex" product or a "Midas" product?

Thu 17 Mar 2005, 08:57 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I was asked this question today, and it is an interesting one.  From a product positioning standpoint, CoexEdit is a coexistence product.  It will be sold more like CoexLinks, will probably be handled by resellers in a way that Midas is not, and it is much more of a solution than a tool, which makes it more like CoexLinks than like any of our Midas Rich Text products.

On the other hand, it handles HTML to rich text and rich text to HTML using the Midas Rich Text engine, and is suited to certain tasks that Midas has been suited for.  In addition, while it is a coexistence product, the coexistence is between Notes and the web, or essentially Domino, while CoexLinks is about coexistence between Notes/Domino and non-Notes/Domino.

In short, I'm not sure yet.  What do you think?

(Of course, we could just wait and see whether Crystal Coex or Mike Midas writes about it)

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What has been said:

301.1. Stan Rogers
(03/18/2005 06:43 AM)

That is a bit of a head-scratcher, isn't it? If it were JUST Domino and Notes, it'd probably be Midas -- but I can't see why it wouldn't also be a coexistance product in general, since the input form's origin could be on another system (mimicking a Domino form and using a ?CreateDocument action URL) when a program branch decides that some formatted data needs to go to Domino and be available through Notes natively. Get a bunch of sticks, toss them in the air, and consult the I Ching.