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Any feedback on 6.0.4/6.5.4 out there?

Fri 8 Apr 2005, 01:01 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I am very intrigued, because IBM seems to have gotten the message that HTML rendering in the client is inadequate given the many SPRs that are marked as fixed in the Fix List db, but the early reports I have seen in the Gold forums, the Partner forum and elsewhere are much more mixed.  As we obviously specialize in HTML generation and consumption, I have a deep interest in how Notes handles this, but not the way you think.  We have lots of customers who want to generate better HTML and MIME for e-mails and other content, but can't because the Notes client renders it so badly, and I would like to be able to tell them "it's all better", but I'd also like to be right.  So, any experience yet? Any feedback, positive or negative?

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What has been said:

306.1. Chris Whisonant
(04/14/2005 04:21 AM)

I have noticed that the e-mails I have seen problems with are much better now in the 6.5.4 client. Actually a week before 6.5.4 was available, my VP had an e-mail that wasn't wrapping properly. After I got 6.5.4 and opened that message it looked very good.