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My (obnoxious) answer to Ed's "If I could add ONE feature to Lotus Notes" post

Wed 4 May 2005, 05:27 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
On his blog, Ed Brill has posted a post titled "If I could add ONE feature to Lotus Notes 7.x, it would be...", which has evoked lots of interesting comments.  I am certainly not going to hijack Ed's blog, but I have to speak from the heart here.  Some of us are waaaaay too impatient for that game.  

Back in Notes R3, I really wanted Lotus to build more power into their formula language, but they didn't, so I wrote the @YourCommand Toolkit.  In R4, I really hoped that Lotus would build in programmatic rich text support, but they didn't, so I created our Midas Rich Text LSX.  In R5, I really wished for the ability to create HTML from Notes rich text in LotusScript, but IBM first added it in a beta and then removed it, so I added that feature to Midas.  In Notes 6, my most enduring plea has been for seamless editing between Notes and the web browsers, but IBM has fallen down on the job, so I created CoexEdit.

Go ahead, make your wishes.  Just think about who you should really be asking.  After all, IBM added more power to formula language... in Notes 6.  They built in a bit of programmatic rich text support in R5, a bit more in ND6, and might have more in ND7.5.  They will probably get the seamless Notes/web editing right  by ND8.  So, ask Ed, but be prepared to wait.

Update: I should point out that I am not just suggesting people come to Genii Software for answers.  I am saying, stop waiting for IBM and take a look at third party solutions that may do the job better, faster, earlier.  Products such as ProcessIt! (instead of waiting for IBM to have a really viable workflow product) and SpamJam (instead of waiting for IBM to add in really effective, personalized spam blocking) and NCT Search (instead of waiting for IBM to build a really powerful, flexible multi-database search engine), etc.

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