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For a "point 0" release, CoexEdit seems to be doing pretty well

Fri 20 May 2005, 09:20 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Feedback so far is positive, with only a relatively few gotchas.  

1) Some GIF images show up with the incorrect dimensions (really, really, really big), which we will fix in a patch release shortly.  

2) It is hard to get local images into the rich text editors, because Domino doesn't want you to load them to the server, but the server can't see the local image.  There will be a dual fix for this with a small change to CoexEdit for the patch release and a change to the rich text editors to allow loading the image as an attachment.  Both should be out shortly.

3) Besides that, the only reported problem was with tables turned into tags after local editing, and it appears that may be due to a beta version on the client with a Gold version on the server.

Positive feedback has been comments such as 
Works well with both Internet Explorer and Firefox.  Nice job!
If it keeps working this well, we may move a lot more of our apps to the web.
Not sure how I feel about that latter response, but any positive feedback is good to hear.

Any other CoexEdit evaluators want to weigh in with your opinions?  There are quite a few of you now, although there is always room for more.

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