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Hurricane Katrina

Mon 29 Aug 2005, 02:05 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
My wife's sister and family live in Mobile, Alabama, and I just talked to her from their shelter.  They lost electricity, then lost their generator (at the shelter), so they are sitting in the dark watching out a window at 100 miles an hour winds, tree and debris spread everywhere. They have a portable radio, but the radio stations have stopped broadcasting, one by one.  My sister is starting to get pretty worried about her home, since the last report she heard was that 30,000 trees are down in Mobile County, and since she keeps seeing parts of roofs blow by.

And all we can do is wait and hope.  At least I am glad they are somewhere safe and dry for now.  We'll all have to deal with the aftermath after the storm subsides.

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357.1. Jackie
(08/29/2005 12:15 PM)


Our hearts go out to your sister-in-law, her family, and everyone else in the affected areas. Katrina came over our neighborhood last week and took a little warm-up shot at us. Thank G-d, most of us are back online with power and very little damage. But we definitely watch with memories of Andrew in our minds. Here's hoping your family comes out as unscathed as possible. We're praying for everyone there.