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Thu 1 Sep 2005, 10:29 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I was amused to see WYSIWYG defined on the Word of the Day calendar that my wife has in our kitchen.  We both have very good vocabularies, so it is common when we see a word we don't recognize to ask if the other knows it.  So my wife asked if I was familiar with WYSIWYG, and I had to laugh.  Because of our Web Editors (list of WYSISYG editors for using rich text web editing) our website is on the first page when searching through at least some search sites.  So, yes, I have heard of WYSIWYG.
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What has been said:

361.1. Mika Heinonen
(09/01/2005 12:47 PM)

Don't underestimate WYSIWYG, many claim to have it, but nobody really does.

Right now I am fighting to get a simple HTML page to PDF, just WYSIWYG. You can't imagine how hard it is.

I've already taken some compromises as there are no tools on the market which convert HTML to PDF as it is, but rather do some rippings and the final PDF is something "close" to the HTML page.

Even Adobe, and their online HTML to PDF converter fails the job. And as Adobe doesn't even have a command-line based tool for that (they promised to have one out by Q4/2005), I've started seriously to evaluate PDFcamp, a low cost (30 USD) tool, which includes a command-line based tool for that (good for Domino Web servers).