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Additions/Changes to Midas Rich Text LSX samples page

Wed 7 Sep 2005, 11:37 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Those familiar with the site may have noticed some changes to the Midas Rich Text LSX sample dbs page.  

1) For the moment, we have removed all reference to "featured samples" to make it easier to find samples alphabetically.  

2) We have also changed the minimum required Midas Release to 3.00 at the earliest, so if a sample used to say it would work with 2.02, it now says 3.00.  This simply reflects our gradual lessening of support for Version 2.x and before.  People really should have upgraded by now.

3) Finally, we have removed the R5 modifier in front of Review It! and Form Design.  These names, which once implied that new things were possible with R5 when R5 was new, now imply that perhaps these samples will not work with ND6 or ND7.  All samples are tested with the latest versions and fixed if there is ever a change that prevents working with the latest Notes versions, so all samples that work with R5 will still work with ND 7, and everything in between.

New Samples
There are several new sample databases in the works.  The first one, Replace URLs, which shows how to easily do search and replace on the URL behind a URL hotspot, is available now.  A couple more should be available in the next day or so, including Export Graphics and Color Coding LotusScript  and Formulas.  Watch for them.

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