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Experience with MIDAS is a plus! (

Thu 22 Sep 2005, 10:02 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
A friend pointed out this listing on, a popular job listing board.  The list of skills required (emphasis added by me)
Lotus Notes 6
Lotus Scripting
Lotus Configuration
Lotus Workflow --- Important
Lotus Certified - Preferred but not necessary
Information Management Experience 
Utilization to limit conflicts
Business Automation
Experience with MIDAS is a plus! (rich text handler)
Reference Data
Solid Report experience.. i.e.: manipulation, recreate, Lotus Freelance, MS Office(powerpoint)
Experience with Proprietary Systems
Team oriented
Solid written and verbal skills
So there you have it.  Learn Midas and find a job more easily.

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What has been said:

371.1. Alan Lepofsky
(09/22/2005 07:31 AM)

That is awesome. I'd say that goes a long way towards proving your importance to the Notes/Domino community. ;-)

371.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(09/22/2005 07:57 AM)

Thanks. I'm not sure about it proving anything, but it is fun to see.

371.3. Ashish Sidapara
(09/22/2005 09:10 AM)

Thats cool!

For an individual who is looking for change and is not aware about Midas, this may not sound too exicting.

On the other hand, you must feel very proud seeing Midas becoming kind of a add-on skillset for filtering resumes. Something like "We are looking for Lotus Notes Developers. Experience on LEI will be a plus point".

Congrats again.

My best wishes!!

371.4. Christopher Byrne
(09/22/2005 08:31 PM)

and it looks like the job is at IBM. Hmmm, they are using Midas?:-)

371.5. Ben Langhinrichs
(09/22/2005 08:38 PM)

Heck yes. They have many, many servers with Midas and quite a few clients as well, both a large concentration in the US and various scattered throughout the world. One of my bigger customers, although not close to the biggest.