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Text on images in Notes

Fri 28 Oct 2005, 01:07 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I am likely to expand on this later, but a reader in the support forum suggested I repost this here:
Question: Can text be placed on an image for display in a Notes Client?
Answer:  Yes.  In a few steps you can do it with native Notes and our Midas Rich Text LSX allows you to do it programmatically.  Take the following (disgusting) image:
Inline JPEG image
Now, if you want to put a caption on this, you right-click on the image and get the Picture Properties
Inline GIF image
and I added a caption "Drop Dead Fred".  A hint here.  See how the option below the Caption is greyed out.  Click on the check mark and it will become available.  You can either have the caption below (but part of) the picture, or you can have it centered.  You can also change the font and color, although that is not obvious, by simply switching to the Text properties while you still have the picture selected.  Another trick, which I'll describe in my blog about this, will allow the image to be either above or below the center, to get:
I should warn you, Domino does not translate any of this to the web, so you might be better off making a table cell, having the image as the background image and then putting the text on top of that, which will translate to the web.  There are disadvantages to that approach, but it is an option in the Notes client.  Again, both options can be done programmatically with our Midas Rich Text LSX.

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