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Should I add File Import to CoexEdit?

Wed 7 Dec 2005, 02:21 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I was thinking about this a bit, and it makes some sense that people might want to do more than just attach local files using CoexEdit.  They might want to simply import the file.  For local images, they can already do that, but what about a local Word file or HTML file or text file.  Obviously, they can already copy and paste, and that works well in some instances, but there could easily be other cases where it would not be sufficient.  It would be fairly simple to add, since the underlying code already supports import and export.  Hey, I could probably add File Export as well.  Anybody have any thoughts on either one?

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What has been said:

404.1. Wild Bill
(12/07/2005 01:54 PM)

You know - if you can pull in a word file and render it (better than clipboard), or write a notesdocument out to word (or better - Acrobat) - then go for it..

Its surprising how often these internal systems end up spitting out a "nicely" formatted document in a file to somewhere outside the company. (My invoicing system for instance - but I'm to cheap [and dont raise enough invoices to justify it.. Scotsman!])..

And its a low pain thing - why not ?

---* Bill

404.2. Rob McDonagh
(12/07/2005 08:33 PM)

Importing Word docs? CAN you get them to render right in Notes/Web? If so, I know I'd be interested. And writing Notes docs out to Acrobat would be cool, too, as Bill said. I don't know if this is really what you meant, but there's definitely a need for that sort of thing. If it's relatively straightforward, I would say it's a no brainer.

404.3. Alan Bell
(12/08/2005 03:47 AM)

File-Export to OpenDocument would be neat.