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Domino 7 on Solaris 10

Wed 7 Dec 2005, 09:32 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Hmm, I just found this technote that says Domino 7 is supported on Solaris 10.  And, wow, if I don't happen to have a Sun Ultra 2 with Solaris 10 sitting in a box behind me.  If I were not so darn busy tonight, I might just just get it set up and port some code.

So, does anybody have any experience with Solaris 10 to share?  Any words of wisdom before I start porting (stuff which works on AIX and Linux, so I doubt Solaris will be a really big stretch, although Daniel Nashed, god of all things Solaris, says I really should compile on Solaris 9 because the API is meant for that).

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What has been said:

405.1. Wild BIll
(12/08/2005 01:03 AM)

Ah - I have a confession. We've been running at least two out of three of our solaris sparc boxes on 10 for the last six months, first with 6.5.4, and then ND7.

Nothing - absolutely nothing - to report. Works fine, etc.

(And since we're not doing LSX anymore - just using C-API calls - there was no change whatsoever to our code).

10 appears far more modern is all I can say...

---* Bill

405.2. Daniel Silva
(12/08/2005 01:58 AM)


A Redbook on Domino 7 for Solaris 10 will be out anytime, keep a look for a draft to come soon on (if not the final version).

Best Regards,