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What does the term "coexistence" mean to Microsoft (and probably IBM)?

Wed 1 Feb 2006, 02:50 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I had long suspected this, but I didn't think to see it in writing.  On a page on the Microsoft Technet site called IBM Lotus Notes or Novell GroupWise Migration and Coexistence: Frequently Asked Questions, the following questions are asked, with the answer starting off this way:

Inline GIF image

To be fair, IBM would probably define coexistence in almost identical terms, except with the migration happening in the opposite direction.  Just a note then, to both Microsoft and IBM, you might try thinking about coexistence from your customers' point of view.  It isn't necessarily a synonym for "migration" to them, and at the very least, you should be aware that your bias is showing.

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What has been said:

429.1. Duffbert
(02/01/2006 01:01 PM)

And as a result, we have "discussions" on web sites about whether Microsoft wants to "co-exist" as in live together in cooperation or "co-exist" as in push the other group(s) out the door over time...

I think I've revealed my bias as to how I interpret Microsoft's definition... :)

429.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/01/2006 01:08 PM)

And from this quote, we can say fairly confidently that your bias is correct in this case.