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Fri 3 Mar 2006, 12:10 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Well, I don't know whether it is something that got in the air at Lotusphere or what, but everybody these days seems to be looking for the ability to export rich text or whole documents to Microsoft Word.  So, before a few hundred more people search the site, here are a few useful links, in no particular order:

Sample database page - This has a lot of samples for use with the Midas Rich Text LSX, but the one you want is called Export to MS Word.  But don't stop there.  Look around and see what other goodies are available if you will already have the tool.
Midas Rich Text LSX page - This is the main page for the Midas Rich Text LSX, just in case you wanted to take a look.
Evaluation request - If you want to actually try exporting to Word with Midas.
Order form - Damn the torpedoes!  Full steam ahead!  You just want to buy it right now, as you can't wait another day to start exporting to Word.
Exporting to MS Word - A Blog Perspective - A post I wrote a while back about this subject, with some nice visuals.

So there you have it.  Ready, willing and able to export!

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