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Too darn hot for Turtles

Wed 19 Jul 2006, 04:40 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I was on a status call with the Turtles (really, The Turtle Partnership, the folks who handle our CoexLinks support so capably), and you could practically hear the sweat rolling off them.  They are in merry old England, which is suffering a heat wave of epic proportions, and their air conditioning was on the blink today.  So, spare a thought for the poor, suffering Turtles, who are too darn hot.

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What has been said:

476.1. Ben Poole
(07/19/2006 01:56 PM)

It is STEAMING hot here, it's lovely. We've had really good weather for a while now, I love it :)

But then, I avoid the office as much as possible, seeing as they refuse to repair the air con at our place.

Oh, and pity the poor people who have to take the tube!

Ben "smug at home in his shorts" Poole