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Rich text comparisons - devilishy tricky

Tue 24 Oct 2006, 11:29 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
For several years now, our Midas Rich Text LSX has allowed for a red-lined rich text comparison.  It is very handy, but it is extremely difficult to do well.  Unlike the Microsoft Word type of revision marks, we have no way of knowing what steps were gone through, but must simply compare one rich text field with another.  I am reminded of the difficulty because a newer customer has been using this a lot and has come up with four specific issues, one of which causes a crash (we fixed that immediately), and the others which seem to have found some of the cracks in the synchronization engine.

The good news - we have fixed most of the problems, and once they are all fixed, they will be in the next Midas release.  So, if your company uses the Midas rich text comparisons, take heart, as they will soon get better.  Better still, if you are seeing any problems or odd comparisons, let us know while wqe are making these fixes and maybe they can get fixed as well, or maybe they are the same as the ones we are fixing now.  Just rest assured that we are constantly striving to make the rich text comparison as robust and accurate as we can.

If you want to see an on-line, simpler version, of the rich text comparison, try it here.

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