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Anybody work with Google Web Toolkit yet?

Tue 12 Dec 2006, 12:27 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
On the Google blog today, there is a post about Google releasing GWT (Google Web Toolkit) as open source.
We've been working hard to build great tools for AJAX development, and now we're happy to begin working with the open source community towards the same goal.
Anybody have any experience with GWT?  Is it worth working with this, or is there a better choice?

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What has been said:

530.1. Andrew Pollack
(12/12/2006 09:48 AM)

Although at first it seems like something you need a toolkit for, I don't think you really do.

A few functions of your own and you can make a more usable toolkit for yourself. It's just a few hours time understanding the javascript object for making the call, and you're all set.

530.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/12/2006 01:21 PM)

Kathir - Thanks! very handy comparison.

Andrew - I hear you. I have done some AJAX on my own, and also some with Dojo and Rico (which uses Prototype). I agree with you about basic AJAX, but fancier stuff may be easier with a package.

530.3. Rodrigo López-Guzmán
(14/12/2006 06:31 a.m.)

I've been working with GWT since May, and I am completely satisfied with Googles approach for AJAX development.

I disagree with Andrew Pollack and other posters, because GWT is not just an AJAX toolkit. For example, by developing on top of GWT you also have the possibility to debug all your application tiers from within a single environment.

The value that you obtain by working with the same technology on all tiers is huge.

530.4. Steven
(04/05/2007 08:40 PM)

We have actually developed our new version of enterprise product on GWT. Out large enterprise customers love it already. It took us some time to change our entire product on GWT and we had some proponents and opponents (most fights were between choosing GWT or DOJO). GWT won and so far delivers stellar results for us and out customers. Check out our open source enterprise customer care system at