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Finding love - IBM style

Tue 22 May 2007, 12:31 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I don't know where I was when these came out, but in case you missed them, they are very funny, and a bit warped.

(Via Bob Sutor)

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591.1. Mika Heinonen
(05/28/2007 04:12 PM)

I wonder why IBM puts so much efforts in advertising System z. Maybe their System z department is badly behind budget and they need to catch up? :)

I think System p is in, it's sexy, it's cheap, it's powerful, and just recently IBM announced their new Power6 CPU for it.

Is there really a need for seperate CICS, RS/6000, AS/400 systems anymore? I'm in the impression that RS/6000 (=System p) is now, and has been before also, the kick ass server, the fastest, the world record holder in supercomputer performance.