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No, I'm not Irish

Thu 24 May 2007, 10:24 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Because Devin suggested it, and in honor of ILUG2007, I took the How Irish Are You? quiz.

You're 0% Irish
You're not Irish. Not even a wee bit.
Not even on St. Patrick's Day!
How Irish Are You?

I still wish I were at ILUG2007, but I have a feeling I wouldn't fit in well.

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What has been said:

594.1. Devin Olson
(05/24/2007 08:08 AM)

Pshah! Ya fit in just fine ya git!


594.2. Richard Schwartz
(05/25/2007 03:41 AM)

But Ben, you've got to be 5%. Surely you are oddly poetic after a few beers, so long as its someone else who drinks them! ;-)

594.3. Ben's Daughter
(06/01/2007 03:29 PM)

Come on dad, if I got 75% Irish I had to have gotten it somewhere!