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Harry Potter - Book 7 (No spoilers)

Sat 21 Jul 2007, 09:34 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Harry Potter - Book 7At last, we come to the end of the series, and it has been a glorious ride.  My kids have been just the right ages, ever since my daughter at 11 enjoyed the first book (we actually borrowed a book from England before it came to the U.S., because a librarian friend recommended it) and my older son, who shares a birthday with Harry and J.K. Rowling, read the first Harry Potter book when he was five,  until this latest which my younger son, now 11 himself, also enjoyed.  Our whole family has been immersed in the books, with me one of the biggest fans.

One recommendation if you have just bought the 7th book but have not started it.  You will enjoy it more if you reread Book 6 first, if you have not read it recently, or only read it once just after it was released.  My son and I independently read all six of the earlier books before getting this one, and it was a much richer experience, in my opinion.  But however you read it, do read it.  An excellent book, and one I am sure I will reread many times in the future.  Thank you, J.K. Rowling, for sharing your most excellent adventure with us all.

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