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OpenSesame: First live demo at Collaboration University

Wed 5 Sep 2007, 05:04 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
John Head is giving a developers session on the new productivity editors at Collaboration University, which will be held first in Kansas City September 10-12, and later in London on September 19-21.  John asked if he could introduce and demo OpenSesame.  It is a rare thing for me to let somebody else demo one of my products, and particularly the first live demo anyone has seen, but I thought the opportunity was too good to pass up.

So, what will John be showing?  I don't want to give it all away, so I will just describe the first scenario, and if you want to see more, you can just go watch John's demos yourself.  You know you want to go to Collaboration University anyway, and here is your excuse.

Scenario: Approval Cycle
As team leader at Pinnacle Products, Melissa is responsible for ensuring that the sales data in her regional sales database is accurate, but her team is spread out in various locations.  To give each team member a chance to review and edit the sales data, Melissa uses OpenSesame to take the data from her Lotus Notes database and send it out as a spreadsheet attachment to Tim.  Tim has Notes 8, so he simply edits the spreadsheet in the Lotus Spreadsheets productivity editor, makes a few changes, then sends the spreadsheet to Gerald, who does not have Notes on his laptop, but does have OpenOffice.  Gerald edits the spreadsheet with OpenOffice Calc, makes a few more changes, and sends the spreadsheet on to Mary.  Mary has Notes 8, so she makes her changes and sends the final edited spreadsheet back to Melissa.  Melissa opens the spreadsheet with Lotus Spreadsheets, and is able to review each change using the built in revision tracking, rejecting one or two edits, accepting others, and making an edit or two of her own.  Finally, she incorporates the changes back into Notes using OpenSesame again.

Intrigued?  I bet there is still room if you hurry.

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What has been said:

621.1. John Head
(09/05/2007 03:09 PM)

Ben - I am? :-)

Seriously, I am happy to show off OpenSesame at CU. It only makes sense to cover all of the options avaialable in the 8.0.0 timeframe!

621.2. Bruce Elgort
(09/05/2007 08:31 PM)

Your such a tease.... :-)

621.3. Rob Novak
(09/06/2007 09:37 AM)

I can squeeze in a few more chairs, Ben :-)

CU is a small focused event with a cutting edge approach - which is why we like to do things like show off and debut new products as part of the educational process. Thanks Ben for letting us have a go at OpenSesame!