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Is CoexEdit a web editor, or does it include one?

Mon 5 Nov 2007, 08:00 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I had a colleague ask this today (in slightly different words), and realized that the answer could be confusing to others.  While I plan to update our CoexEdit page to make this more clear, I thought I'd answer it here.

CoexEdit is not a web editor, but a web editor is included in the package when you download.  Specifically, a customized version of FCKeditor, one of the most popular open source web editors today, and one which has a reasonably liberal LGPL license.  The customizations are free for anybody to use, but may be less than completely useful without CoexEdit.  I guess you could think of FCKeditor as a subset of the CoexEdit package.

FCKeditor is a subset of the CoexEdit package

The confusion comes in because CoexEdit will work with a number of other web editors, both open source (e.g., Xinha and TinyMCE) and commercial (e.g., EditLive).  Those editors do not have the customizations which have been made to FCKeditor, but they could be, even without our assistance.  If a "doclink" appears in the right format, CoexEdit will render it as a doclink inside Notes and an appropriate HTTP link on the web.  If an image is uploaded using the correct form, CoexEdit will convert it to rich text on saving, and so on.  So CoexEdit, the product, is purely a Domino add-in, but CoexEdit, the package includes a web editor which can be used without further work.  It is our way of offering the maximum flexibility with the minimum fuss and bother.  If you want to download CoexEdit, install FCKeditor on your server and copy all relevant design elements to your database, you can do it in about two minutes.  Customizing your template to use CoexEdit may take a little more, but the last thing you need to worry about is finding a web editor and getting it to work with CoexEdit.  That is our job, and we've worked hard to make it easy for you.

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What has been said:

634.1. Elijah Lapson
(11/09/2007 11:08 AM)

Great description! That answered a few questions for me. Now that I understand the product a little better I am amazed that IBM did not try to bundle you into version 8.x.