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Open XML BRM FAQ posted

Fri 16 Nov 2007, 08:46 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
FAQ has been released for the Open XML Ballot Resolution Meeting, and it makes for interesting reading.  Three points which seem notable, and about which I have seen contradictory speculation elsewhere recently are:
2.5  Is it possible the meeting will extend beyond the 5 allotted days?
It is reiterated in multiple ways, five days is it, with no recourse.  I don't have any idea how they are supposed to get through all those comments in that big a spec in that time, but that is the task at hand, with no extensions possible.
6.2  In what ways may an NB change its vote?
NBs that voted in the 2 September ballot may change their vote from any of “approve”, “disapprove” or “abstain” to any of “approve”, “disapprove” or “abstain”.
So anybody can change their vote from "Yes" to "No".  Their have been rumors that the only change possible was from "No" to "Yes", but that isn't true.  Anybody can change any direction, including to "Abstain".
4.5  What if there is not time in the meeting to satisfy NBs’ concerns?
If NBs find the outcome of the BRM inadequate then their recourse is to disapprove the DIS.
In some ways, this is the most telling of all.  No matter what anybody says or promises or implies, the appropriate response to not having enough time to address all comments to your satisfaction is to vote "No".  They do emphasize that you can do anything you like and have any justification you want for changing your vote in any way, but the bottom line purpose of the BRM is to either resolve all the issues to your satisfaction, or vote "No".

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What has been said:

638.1. Nathan T. Freeman
(11/16/2007 07:33 AM)

I love that Alex Brown actually cares about protecting the ISO process here.

One thing I think is interesting is that the delegations cannot alter their attendance based on the topic-at-hand in the BRM. Which means that each participant must basically be an expert in ALL ASPECTS of the spec in order to intelligently vote.

I really wonder how many people have a comprehensive knowledge of OOXML and the issues presented in it?