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Now here is a quirky Microsoft technote

Thu 29 Nov 2007, 08:53 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
You can read it yourself here if you think I made this up.  Of course, the idea that "It's a Small, Small World" is classical music is a bit disturbing.  And I can't figure out whether the fact that it was posted four days before April 1 means it was an April Fools joke that jumped the gun or whether they rushed it in to be sure it wasn't seen as one.

Microsoft technote about classical music

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What has been said:

641.1. Jan Van Puyvelde
(30/11/2007 06:34)

With my computer, it's a single continuous high note. Seems much more likely to make you turn off your pc than a melody ...

641.2. Patrick Montavon
(12/03/2007 04:24 AM)

I think they used "classical" because their preferred term "legacy" would be inappropriate in this context. :)

641.3. Dan Sickles
(12/03/2007 12:35 PM)

Two demerits for even mentioning IASW. Now it will be stuck in my head until Lotusphere (If I play it at the jam session, it's your fault). If my BIOS plays it, I'll flash it to straight 0s.