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Announcing... Lotusphere Sessions DB 2008 V1.0

Tue 18 Dec 2007, 06:13 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
After a few weeks of cajoling the powers that be for repeat information, we now have a real, fairly complete (but no BOFs yet),  Lotusphere 2008 Sessions DB page.  This is our eighth annual sessions db made available in Journal format that is suitable for synching with your PDA, or for just general browsing.  As you saw last year, there is much more functionality for general browsing, fun and scheduling this year!   Now, I don't know whether IBM is planning on releasing their own database, but I figured I'd better do it again just in case (as they haven't the last 12 years).  Perhaps IBM will put a link to our sessions database again this year on the official Lotusphere page, and maybe even a bit earlier.

This database is free for you to use either as is or with modifications.  If you make interesting changes, or build another tool around it such as a web services or .NET interface or whatever, let me know and I'll provide a link (or just update my db if you like) on the webpage.  Feel free to point anyone to this post or to the page directly.

I am doing a session again this year, BP201 A Jug of Wine, A Spreadsheet and Thee, and they have even given me a big room again (as you would know if you looked in the sessions db).  More soon...

Copyright 2007 Genii Software Ltd.

What has been said:

647.1. Nathan T. Freeman
(12/18/2007 04:28 PM)

Y'know, Ben... part of me REALLY wants IBM NOT to point to your session database. Not because I don't think they should, but because if they do, all anyone is going to say (instead of "cool" "thank you" or "how community focused!") is "it's about time!"

In other words, they're so far behind the curve now that catching up won't lead to gratitude -- just insults.

That being said, thank you once again for this invaluable resource. :-)

647.2. Curt Stone
(12/19/2007 05:43 AM)

This is awesome! (as usual)

I'm just pissed that there's 4 Jumpstart sessions I want to do at 10:30 am. Is Bill really going to do two Web services Jumpstarts in a row? That's a change from the last database. As usual, I see a bunch of conflicts for sessions I'd like to attend. This year though, it seems there are times that none catch my eye. I wish they'd use the same (developer) persona for scheduling that they use for UI enhancements. Obviously, not a rant on this database cause it's awesome that we can tear our hair out early trying to schedule our week intelligently.

Thanks Ben!

647.3. Curt Stone
(12/19/2007 06:17 AM)

I mostly look for BP sessions. After Sunday, Wednesday is the next nightmare to schedule.

10 am - Choose between the entertainment/knowledge of BP 213 Worst Practices or the great info of BP209 Moving IBM Lotus Notes Applications to the Web.

11:15 am - No BP sessions that interest me. Product showcase time?

1:30 pm Three choices for me

AD307 Advanced LotusScript: Design Programming using XML and DXL - Rocky and Andre

Try and make last showing of BP213 Worst Practices - the Best of the Worst?

..or BP216 Interface Matters - Basics of UI Design (admit it, this should be required for many of us)

3 pm I'm dying to see both of these

BP210 Reports, Charts, and Graphs in IBM Lotus Notes - Julian and Rob

BP217 Interface Matters - Advanced UI Design Concepts - Chris and Nathan

Reports are a real challenge in Notes for years and I need all the UI help I can get.

Hopefully at 4:15 there will still be a seat for BP212 The Great Code Giveaway: "Beyond Cool".

Pray for repeats I guess.

647.4. Tim
(12/19/2007 07:53 AM)

Thanks for doing this once again. As a source of data, it is awesome (and necessary!).

647.5. Darren
(19/12/2007 11:34)

Thanks once again Ben.

If anyone from IBM does say "it's about time" then I hope it's no-one I know as I'd be disgusted by their attitude. This tool has always been useful and I don't know anyone who doesn't appreciate it.

647.6. Mike Maguier
(12/19/2007 12:35 PM)

I think you may have miss categorized a couple of the sessions, I thought all Jump Start Sessions began with JMP. I see several BP and HND on Sunday. Is this correct?

647.7. Nathan T. Freeman
(12/19/2007 01:55 PM)

Darren, it's not IBM that would say "it's about time." It's, say, the blogging community.

Instead of going from "you suck for not doing this" to "yay, you're doing this!" they would go from "you suck for not doing this" to "you suck for taking this long to do it."

Not everyone, of course, but enough that it almost makes sense not to bother.

647.8. Stuart McIntyre
(12/19/2007 02:43 PM)

Ben, you have done an awesome job for us all, as always. Hope to be able to buy you a beer come Orlando in January.


647.9. Bruce Elgort
(12/20/2007 07:16 AM)

Thank you Ben!

647.10. Rob McDonagh
(12/20/2007 08:29 AM)

@Stuart - it'll have to be a milkshake - Ben doesn't do alcohol, and milkshakes are the currency of choice!

@Ben - fantastic, as always. Thanks very much.

647.11. Dan Sickles
(12/20/2007 08:38 AM)

I can invoke age now but even back in the day I couldn't read the tiny print on the tiny page on that tiny little calendar thingy they stuff in the badge. My eyes thank you.

647.12. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/21/2007 07:50 AM)

Gab - I have updated the page to point to your Blackberrey blog post. Thanks for doing this again! - Ben