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Over 1500 downloads of Lotusphere sessions db so far

Wed 2 Jan 2008, 10:06 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Lotusphere 2008 banner
The excitement about Lotusphere must be building.  There have been over 1500 downloads of our Lotusphere 2008 Sessions db already.  It doesn't hurt that IBM put a link to the page, but there are lots of hits from Alan Lepofsky's blog post and Ed Brill's blog post, as well as a variety of other blogs.  Thanks to all for getting the word out!

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What has been said:

649.1. Curt Stone
(01/02/2008 10:14 AM)

Good news travels fast. I'm waiting to hear the Wed party location. Last year, it was announced as part of the conference internal web site. It seems to me that they are a little later with that announcement and link this year.

649.2. Rob Novak
(01/02/2008 10:53 AM)

Once again a great service, Ben. This year, we're even using the data from this db as part of the great code giveaway session from the SNAPPS guys.

649.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/02/2008 11:43 AM)

Curt - If I find out, I'll add it to the db. No news yet.

Rob - Excellent! I can't wait to see how you use it.

649.4. Curt Stone
(01/03/2008 05:36 AM)


Weird to me that the party is such a tight secret and news released so late. They must need to book it months in advance. The anticipation and speculation is part of the fun I guess.