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GeniiJam?? Three wishes?? What do we call it?

Mon 24 Mar 2008, 06:48 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
In a very short while, we at Genii Software are going to have our own "IdeaJam", but we don't know what to call it or very much else.  So, in the spirit of IdeaJam, I'd love to hear your ideas, for names, for idea spaces, and for what you would like to see discussed.  We're going to have some fun, of that I'm sure.

Note to self - we are going to need a logo.

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What has been said:

683.1. Dan Sickles
(03/24/2008 03:35 PM)

"I dream of..."

You can always respond: "In your dreams!"

683.2. Bruce Elgort
(03/24/2008 04:03 PM)

GeniiJam powered by IdeaJam

I like it!

683.3. Yancy Lent
(03/24/2008 04:46 PM)



683.4. Yancy Lent
(03/24/2008 04:46 PM)

Geniideas that should have read.

683.5. Richard Schwartz
(03/24/2008 08:33 PM)

Your wish is my @Command

683.6. Mike McGarel
(03/25/2008 08:20 AM)

I really like 702.1's suggestion, but here's another one: IdeaLamp

And, not that you asked, :-) here's a thought for the logo: a light bulb emerging from Aladdin's lamp.