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Help make sure PNG is stored natively in 8.5

Tue 8 Apr 2008, 04:13 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
May Beth Raven has posed the question of whether PNG support in Notes 8.5 should be handled by conversion to JPEG or by native support.  As she puts it:
Development is giving me 2 options. Which do you prefer:
1. Always convert png to jpeg. This has maximum backwards compatibility.

2. On Notes 8.5 clients, Render as a png data. Animation and transparency are supported.
The image is saved/loaded as a png data.
However, on older clients, A png image in a document becomes complete blank with a small red x, because the old clients don't know the image format.
Please go and let Mary Beth know that we want to have Notes move ahead with the times, not get anchored to the past, and worse, tarnished by lower fidelity representations of yet another elements that "looks better on the web".

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