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What Linux distros do you use?

Tue 7 Oct 2008, 11:23 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I'm in the process of testing our products under Linux, and I was wondering what distros you and your customers use.  I'd be happy to have any feedback, and it would be good to know what version of Notes/Domino you use with that distro.  Feel free to e-mail or post in comments.  I'm interested whether you are a current customer or not (and I won't plague you with sales calls if you are not).  Thanks in advance!
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What has been said:

708.1. Jack Dausman
(10/07/2008 08:54 AM)


Ubuntu for the client, CentOS for testing and lightweight server apps, RHEL for mission-critical server apps. No SuSE (I have no idea of what their vision is, anymore).

If IBM would certify Ubuntu for Domino, like they do for DB2, then I'm sure we'd look at moving some servers into it.

Now, I'm looking at Amazon EC2 for hosting CentOS/Domino for quick setups, demos and special functions.

708.2. Paul T Calhoun
(10/07/2008 09:31 AM)

I have been running my production Domino servers on openSUSE since release 7.

Currently all servers are at Domino version 8.0.2 running on openSUSE version 11.

Not running on the client as I'm using the MAC.

708.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(10/07/2008 09:52 AM)

Great! Thanks for the information, guys. I am mostly interested (right this minute) in Domino, but Notes client will be important soon as well.

Anybody else?

708.4. Andrew Pollack
(10/07/2008 12:23 PM)

CentOS -- which is essentially RedHat.

I don't like SuSE, as my experience with it has always been less than optimal.

Ubuntu seems to be the desktop of choice if you want to make your workstation a linux based one, but generally I don't.

Many years ago I was a fan of slackware, but its been ten or more years since I looked at it.

708.5. Charles Robinson
(10/08/2008 05:46 AM)

Domino 7.0.2 RHEL AS 4, soon to be Domino 8.0.2 on RHEL AS 5. I have installed Domino on Ubuntu 8.0.4 and Centos 5, but haven't done any serious stress testing. If we were to switch from RHEL it would most likely be to Centos since it's so similar to RHEL. I'm not a Geniisoft customer.

708.6. Stephan H. Wissel
(10/11/2008 08:55 AM)

8.02 and 8.5B2 servers on OpenSuse 11.0

8.5 client on Fedora8, Ubuntu and OpenSuse.

Short of the brown theme Ubuntu seems nice.