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A stimulus too many

Sun 30 Nov 2008, 09:28 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
My thirteen year old son was playing Monopoly, and commented at one point that there was just not enough money on the board.  He suggested that each player should get $500 extra, which my wife didn't think would be fair.  He argued that it would just be a bailout, or perhaps a stimulus package.  We live in weird times.

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What has been said:

733.1. Jerry Carter
(11/30/2008 07:39 PM)

Kids learn fast - hence the reason why we should be so careful of the things we decide to teach them by example. Future generations are probably more harmed in terms of the lessons they will learn looking back on this time than they will actually be in terms of the debt we leave to them... the later is just money, and one thing I've learned in my time is that the government makes and destroys it at will. Future generations will realize this, and many other things detrimental to a sustainable and equitable society from what we collectively are leaving behind at present.

733.2. Giulio
(30/11/2008 23:35)

LOL.. that's brilliant. He would have done a better job than George W and Henry Paulson combined...

733.3. Lo No
(12/01/2008 12:06 AM)

Could you suggest to your son to run for the presidancy in 20 years or so?

733.4. Pedro Quaresma
(12/01/2008 08:24 AM)

LOL brilliant!

733.5. Rodney Scott
(12/01/2008 02:59 PM)

Hmmm. Let the US mint shoulder the bailout burden, rather than taxpayers, and let all money be as unbacked by true value as Monopoly dollars. So far, his ideas are better than those of the real politicians, and I'm ready to give them a try. Let me know if he runs.

733.6. Erik Brooks
(12/02/2008 04:32 AM)

Funny, but so sad, also.

Another possible alternative: In the spirit of true government stimulus package efficiency, you could have collected $750 from each player, held onto it for about 30 minutes, and then given each player $500.