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Should I include hidden public data in Sessions db?

Wed 17 Dec 2008, 07:16 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Update:  According to Jim Casale in the comments, they've now made the times and locations visible, so I can update the sessions db without moral qualms.

The session dates and locations were added the web a few days ago, and so I dutifully added all that data to the sessions database.  It was clearly public - Ed even announced that they were available with times and locations - but then IBM got rid of the information.  Still, I left it in my sessions database, as I had clearly gotten it as public data.  No moral dilemma there.

But now the BOFs have been added, and as you can see the time and location is not visible.  

Session details for BOF215

The moral quandary comes in because the times and locations are on each page, just hidden.  See them below.  So, do I use those hidden-in-plain-sight details to get a first guess schedule for the sessions database, or do I presume that hidden means private, even if they are not well hidden?  What do you think?  In the meantime, I guess you BOF presenters know how to get a quick idea of when and where you might be.

<input name="d_sessionid" type="hidden" value="BOF215">
<input name="d_sessiondate" type="hidden" value="01/21/2009">
<input name="d_sessiontime" type="hidden" value="5:45pm - 6:45pm">
<input name="d_sessionlocation" type="hidden" value="SW Osprey 1-2">

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What has been said:

740.1. Mika Heinonen
(12/17/2008 04:37 PM)

I think it's a first qualification test to be able to attend the "Application Development" session.

If a developer can not figure out where the session is, even by looking at the source code, then he doesn't deserve to take a spot before the real developers in that session :)

I heard they made also the PCLP/CAAD tests harder now.

740.2. Jim Casale
(12/17/2008 05:14 PM)

@Ben, I just looked and it listed date and time for BOF sessions.

740.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/17/2008 05:18 PM)

Ah, good. I figured if I posted this it might nudge them a bit to go ahead and post. Now I'll get them updated before they change their minds again. Thanks for letting me know.