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More epic failures on more versions of Outlook/Notes

Tue 16 Jun 2009, 04:53 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
After posting my video earlier in Efficient collaboration vs. Epic fail, I thought it was worth explaining that while Outlook 2007 and Notes 8.5 have some serious collaboration issues, the situation is not much better, and sometimes worse, with earlier versions or various combinations.  For example, the same missing image error is seen in Notes 8.0, and the image is missing all the time in Notes 6.5/7.  Similarly, if we create the same image in Outlook 2003:

Inline JPEG image

and then we send it to Notes 8/8.5, we get:

Inline JPEG image

This looks GREAT, but then if we do a Reply with History, we get the follow, even before it is sent.  Even though we don't see an attachment, the image is treated as an attachment and deleted.

Inline JPEG image

If we instead do a Reply with History and Attachments, we get 

Inline JPEG image

which at least has the image attached, but looks terrible.  Imagine if there were a few different images.  There is not even an indication of where the image was originally, nor a name which is useful.

Finally, if I happened to also open this mail in Notes 7 rather than in Notes 8/8.5, I'd get the following, completely missing the image.

Inline JPEG image

Of course, if I use iFidelity, then I get: the following, which looks great.

Inline JPEG image

And if I reply with History (not with attachments), I get the expected:

Inline JPEG image

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What has been said:

823.1. Simon O'Doherty
(06/18/2009 05:05 PM)

Tested this on 8.5 and 8.5.1 and I can't reproduce your output at all.

What level is your mail template? Or how are you routing the mail?

The output looks exactly the same to me and it does not convert to an attachment.

823.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(06/18/2009 07:25 PM)


I am using the Notes 8.5.0 mail template (unlike you, I can't blog about 8.5.1 without violating NDA) on Notes 8.5.0. I've got an idea though. I will mail you the exact same message, and you simply forward it, using Notes 8.5, to, and we can see what the results are. I'd be curious to see what you see.

When you forward it, could you just let me know what version of IE you are using, as Notes 8.5 varies that based on what you have installed.



P.S. If anybody else would like me to send any of these messages, please feel free.

Ben Langhinrichs