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For you crossword fans: Ulee's Gold

Sat 20 Jun 2009, 01:47 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I have to be perfectly clear, I am not a crossword puzzle aficionado.  In fact, I have an almost complete lack of ability to do crosswords, which might be surprising given my interest in language and words except that I am married to a crossword addict, and have always found it is best to keep areas of separate interest as well as areas of shared interest.  Last night, the two came together, as we watched a 1997 Peter Fonda movie, Ulee's Gold, because the name Ulee is used in crosswords so often (three vowels - what's not to like?).  Yes, we watched a movie because it shows up in crosswords.  Not sure I've ever tried that before.  It was even not bad as a movie, happy ending and all.

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