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Mea culpa! Almost just isn't good enough

Fri 10 Jul 2009, 03:54 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
It just isn't fair to complain about Microsoft, IBM and Google and then not hold myself to the same standards.  Earlier today, I posted One company on 8.5: From Notes to iNotes to Notes, but the iFidelity rendering just wasn't that great.  When I posted the graphic, I wrote:
The tabbed table is back.  Notice that there are still some rendering issues, which we are working on correcting with iFidelity, but all data is intact.
But after I posted that, I started to feel uneasy.  Was I just settling for "better" and not "right"?  That's not what I'm after with this product or with my business.  So, despite having some other work to do from a business point of view, I slipped on my developer hat and worked for a while longer.  It was a challenge, but the tweaks I made will help other places besides Lotus iNotes.  I feel a little better now.

Email that I posted before with some remaining rendering issues

Email after being forwarded from iNotes with iFidelity, and all tabs working.

Original email (so you can see just how many rendering issues there are)

Original email in Notes 8.5 client

Email after making the fixes I did to iFidelity today.

A lot better, but Dojo editor seems top strip out some colors (including the "Geek" in SpamGeek), so now I have to see if I can find a work around for Dojo bugs

Email after being forwarded from iNotes with iFidelity plus today's fixes

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