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Greek? When? You have to be kidding me

Mon 31 Aug 2009, 04:08 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Teenagers will never cease to amaze me.  We live about an eight minute walk from the local high school, and I spent four years with my older son, trying to get him up in time to get to school, usually failing, and often driving him the two blocks.  While my younger son is a bit more willing to wake up, he is still a teenager ('nuff said).  He just started high school, and I have been holding my breath a bit to see how it goes.

But today, he got up an hour early, and will do so every day all year long.  Why?  Because then he can take Greek during "zero period", which is what they call the time before school.  He is doing this because he is also taking Latin and doesn't want to give it up, so he doesn't have enough slots in the day to take all his classes.  (Of course, only our school system would have a teacher insane enough to teach Greek, Ancient Greek at that, before school as well as during school)

I can tell that high school will be a different experience with this son.  I am very excited to not have to drive to the high school so often.  Of course, since I always get up with my kids, this also means I will be getting up an hour earlier as well.


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What has been said:

864.1. Jerry Carter
(08/31/2009 09:17 PM)

That's awesome! I'm sure you're proud of your son - what a self starter! There's a great book, Greek for the Rest of Us which has an audio CD - it's ancient Greek too. My kids learned the song for the alphabet which was great for Christmas parties... (to my then 4 yr old) "sweety, sing the alphabet for Grandma... good job! Now sing it in Greek!" :-)

You've got the makings of a good lad there Ben. He seems to have an understanding already of semper aptus.

864.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(08/31/2009 09:31 PM)

Well, perhaps "nunquam quietus" would be closer, but I am proud of him.