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Reminder: frequent changes are the norm

Fri 18 Dec 2009, 10:22 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Granted, this could be the motto of our entire business, but in this case I am simply referring to the slew of changes that have taken and will take place in the Sessions db over the next short while.  Getting the data in is one step.  Getting it right is another.  Using it to populate everything is a third.

The good news is, the real times and dates are now recorded into the documents, so the "Add to my Calendar" button will work, the iPhone/BB synchs will work, etc.  I am still scrounging for a source for BDD schedules (any little birds who want to clue me in?) and BOF schedules, and will soon start adding the showcase information and correcting/adding/deleting people.  All a pain in the ass, but this is what it takes to make a working sessions db.  You all get to see the dirty pots behind the pristine restaurant.  Enjoy your meal!

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What has been said:

883.1. Phil Randolph
(12/29/2009 03:12 PM)


For those of us who cannot replicate with Tranquility through our firewall, would you possibly be able to let us know when fairly substantial changes/additions in data are made to the database?

When I go to the download page I can only get to the zip of the .nsf from 12/17. I'm sure there is something more recent.

Would be much appreciated.