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Amazon offers a slew of choices

Wed 28 Sep 2011, 05:50 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Amazon made a bunch of announcements today. Details are all over, but here are the basics:

Kindle Fire - Flashy color tablet based on fork of Android. Pros: color=pretty, Android=apps. Cons: wifi-only=wtf, size=7", available=US-only $199

Kindle Touch 3G - Touch screen version of classic Kindle with 3G. Pros: touch=kewl, eInk=useful. Cons: touch=fingerprints $149

Kindle Touch - Touch screen version of classic Kindle with wifi. Pros: touch=kewl, eInk=useful, price=Nice!. Cons: touch=fingerprints, wifi-only=meh $99

Kindle Lite - Simplified, smaller version of classic Kindle with wifi. Pros: eInk=useful, price=Wow!. Cons: wifi-only=meh, size=small $79

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What has been said:

998.1. Dan Sickles
(09/29/2011 02:48 AM)

Kindle Fire -> EPUB? ;-(

998.2. Thomas Leriche
(09/29/2011 03:34 PM)

The Kindle Fire looks awesome and the price is the best part of all. Might be on my Xmas list this year.

998.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(09/29/2011 03:40 PM)

Thomas - Better order soon, as the delivery dates for new preorders keep slipping.