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Office 365 for email with Notes and Domino infrastructure

Wed 11 Nov 2015, 12:03 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
For a variety of reasons, many companies are moving or have moved to Office 365, and with it the Outlook mail client. But their Notes/Domino infrastructure doesn't disappear or their applications magically migrate with them. For that reason, we have seen a number of our Midas and AppsFidelity customers start to use CoexLinks Fidelity to handle the mail that goes out to Outlook. Not that we care much where it is going, but Outlook (both web and desktop), Gmail, Android and iOS are primary clients for us to test and validate. Both Outlook and Gmail have some serious rendering quirks, so we have had to build in very specific coding to ensure that they display as well as possible (and degrade as little as possible where necessary). An example is shown below.

You can read more on our CoexLinks Fidelity page, or watch a few brief videos on our CoexLinks Fidelity playlist, or try for yourself by requesting a CoexLinks Fidelity evaluation.

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