Integrating "WYSIWYG" Web Editors into Notes/Domino applications

Thanks to all who attended, and welcome to all who couldn't attend but still wanted to see the materials and slides and such. The database here is provided for free with the proviso that it may not be used as part of a commercial offering without permission (which will likely be freely granted, but I have to retain a bit of control). The customized version of FCKeditor is provided under the Limited Gnu Public License, as is the original. This page should have all the resources promised, but if anything is missing you need, please let me know at and I'll be happy to help. Also let me know if you have any trouble following the instructions, or if you want to see how CoexEdit would work within this same design.


Steps take to revise the standard discussion template
WYSIWYGifying the Discussion Template.pdf

Revised discussion template

Customized FCKeditor

Sample Integration db (try it out with this)

FCKeditor Resources DB (copy design elements from this)

If you want to have all this and still be able to edit properly in the Notes client and have it all work seamlessly, give CoexEdit a try: CoexEdit evaluation request