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Thu 15 Jan 2009, 08:06 PM
Just a quick note to all those (3344 so far) using our Lotusphere 2009 Sessions db, please do not hesitate to replicate frequently, as we are making a lot of changes today and tomorrow, including adding people, adjusting a few times, adding a few sessions, and recreating the layered schedule views.  There are also a couple of cool tricks that I am trying to squeeze in before the conference begins, but if you don't replicate, you might miss them.  That convenient button in the views which allows you to replicate - it really isn't there for show.

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Thu 15 Jan 2009, 06:26 PM
If you are one of the 900+ people listed in the Lotusphere 2009 Sessions db, whether you are a speaker, a blogger or a sad soul who can't make it, and if you are known to the community by something other than the that name (yes, I bet you are thinking of The Turtle), send me an email or post a comment here and I'll add your name in so it shows up in the view.  Otherwise, people might say "Scott who?".

And if you aren't in the database and are either going to Lotusphere 2009, or greatly regret that you can't, why not?  Send me your name, blog if you have one, and that sort of stuff and I'll add you right away.  After all, if you can't be heard, at least be part of the herd.

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Thu 15 Jan 2009, 05:26 PM
I can't focus all the attention on those who won't even be there, so I wrote a script (using Midas) to populate all the Planet Lotus blogs (well, all with an obvious name attached) into the people views in the Sessions db.  See below for the ways you will identify us.

Planet Lotus bloggers

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Thu 15 Jan 2009, 11:05 AM
If you are one of the lucky few (OK, 3226 is not exactly few) who have downloaded the Lotusphere 2009 Sessions DB, and if you just replicate, you will notice that along with some additional sessions and times and such, there is a new category: Missing GONADs.  These poor, unfortunate souls, honorary members all of the Geeky Order of Notes Admins and Developers Inline JPEG image, are not going to make it to Lotusphere 2009.  In a sympathy gesture, I am creating a (dis)honor roll for them in the Lotusphere 2009 Sessions db.  If you look in the various People views, you'll see there unsmiling faces, and if you open their Person records, you'll be able to read their sad lament.  So that you know what to look for, just replicate and see either by category or by sad face.  Replicate often, as I am sure their ranks will grow.

View the Missing GONADs

And the saddest thing of all... not one of these sorry folks gets to buy me a milk shake.

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