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Overriding table width attributes

Mon 17 Nov 2003, 06:27 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I am a frequent reader and poster on the Notes 6 Gold forum as well as the Notes 4&5 Gold forum (How frequent?  See this post), and it has been a pleasure to see a familar name recently.  Neil Wainwright has been working with Notes/Domino for years, and often has very good ideas about ways it should be improved, but he has been away for a while.  Recently, I have seen his name popping up again, and it is good to see.

Anyway, Neil recently posted a gripe about table cell attributes, and why manually set table and table cell attributes don't override the computed attributes Domino thinks should apply.  Domino simply puts both sets of attributes in, and different browsers react differently, depending on whether the first or last attributes applies.  Even when it works, it is terribly sloppy HTML.

So why am I blogging about this?  Why, because this is something our Midas Rich Text LSX does properly, and has for years now.  When a table cell attribute is found that matches one we would add, we skip ours and use the manually added one.  That seems like the whole point of setting attributes.  We do it for cell attributes, row attributes and table attributes, and also for other rich text constructs.  I still think IBM should fix this for their HTML generation, but I am glad we are able to provide an alternative that works for those who need it.

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