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Sessions db with scheduled repeats

Wed 21 Jan 2004, 05:31 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Finally, thanks to the quick intervention of Ed Brill (he sent a PDF of the pocket guide), I have added repeat sessions to the Lotusphere 2004 Sessions DB Build 4.0.  Every repeat is marked with an (R1) or (R2) to give you a clue that there is a repeat.  Since I had to type the repeats by hand (no Midas for PDF available), there might possibly be an eror or two in those marked (R2).  

Besides these, there seem to be some new sessions added.  Hurry on over andf get your updated Lotusphere 2004 Sessions DB.  For iPod users, there is also an interesting link for you to Seth Ober's site.

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What has been said:

96.1. Jane
(01/21/2004 03:35 PM)

Thanks a million!

96.2. Ray J. Bilyk
(01/22/2004 07:02 AM)

Thanks again! You guys are awesome!