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Third success for the SWAT team

Mon 17 May 2004, 04:45 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
The third reproduced and fixed bug due to the SWAT team's reporting was found.  Incidentally, my wife object's to the SWAT team concept, because, as she says, "You fix the bugs - they don't!"

Well, I know what she means, but I have to say, the credit goes largely to anybody who can identify and reproduce the bugs.  This doesn't just go for the four companies in this group, it goes for any person at any company who can identify and create a reproducible bug.  All kudos to them.  I'll work as hard as I need to to get the bug fixed once it is identified.  For that very reason, I have another customer who seems grumpy because of a bug they have found that I haven't fixed yet.  You know who you are - and I'll have it as soon as I can.

Anyway, this was actually a bug with rich text to HTML that the company identified.  In certain configurations, when the very first line (or really, paragraph) is centered in rich text, it doesn't get centered in the HTML.  Actually, the problem is even bigger than that, since almost no paragraph attributes were carried into the first HTML paragraph.  This is fixed.

Success #3

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What has been said:

158.1. Michael
(19/05/2004 11:54)

I sent u this bug when evaluating @Midas monthes ago...I beat the Swat team then :)

LOL ! Just kidding of course, and very cool it's fixed as I considered it quite "major" (the first html translation I tried I found this luck)


158.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(05/19/2004 01:37 PM)

I guess it goes to show the value of focus. When you reported the bug, we weren't as focused on HTML exporting as we should have been. I hope the current fixes make Midas and @Midas more appealing to you (both share all these fixes because they are engine related.