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Is Google going slap happy?

Fri 30 Sep 2005, 09:33 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Ethann posted Google must really like me, in which he says:
The last time I checked, my name returned about 700 hits.  When I checked this morning, it returned 11,700 hits.  To be honest I can't see what the difference is between last week and this week, but I'll take it!
I went to check for "Ben Langhinrichs", and I must admit I was surprised:

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I may be popular, and I may even answer too many blogs and discussion topics, but there is no way this number is right.  Interestingly, it was 90,800 last night and this morning it is 90,900.  I think Google may have a glitch.

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What has been said:

374.1. Jerry Glover
(09/30/2005 09:17 AM)

Well, I got you beat a little there: 1,900,000 for me. And through the miracle of the blogosphere (that is, most likely the connections to folks like you, Ed, Rich, etc... ) my new blog is the first result displayed! Woohoo!! Instant fame and popularity! Surely the riches can't be far behind...

374.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(09/30/2005 09:21 AM)

Sorry to burst your bubble, but before you get too slap happy yourself, put your name in quotes. Then you only get 670 hits. Still a lot, but not over a million

374.3. Jack Dausman
(09/30/2005 11:02 AM)


I think the google indexing algorithm adjusts for the duration of a site. When my blog turned a year old, I shot up, quite a bit. "jack dausman" (in quotes) returns only my name and a few entries that reference my father. For about 10 months I crawled from the hundreds, then it climbed to about two and half thousand. Todays count is 74,500. It's a real vanity index, isn't it?

All the best,


374.4. Bruce Elgort
(09/30/2005 04:22 PM)

204,000 for me.... OK somebody burst my ego bubble please :-)

374.5. Ethann Castell
(30/09/2005 07:00 PM)

@Jerry - I hope that you are right because I've already started spending the riches... :-)

374.6. Richard Schwartz
(10/01/2005 08:55 PM)

283,000 for me... but "Richard Schwartz" is a far more common name than "Ben Langhinrichs". I do come up as the first hit, but I share my name with a number writers, college professors. journalists, and even some other bloggers.

374.7. Gary Roberts
(10/02/2005 09:11 AM)

Wow -- there's 13,200,000 for Gary Roberts without quotes.

But, there's the hockey player and then there's the "Other" Gary Roberts who seems to be some sort of sadistical "artist."

Gary Roberts, The Notes Guy -- not to be confused with the other ones...

link to DominoHelper

374.8. Jerry Glover
(10/02/2005 11:15 AM)

Gee, thanks for the reality check there Ben. Oh well, less hits, but I'm still #1!! :-)

374.9. Karl Hebenstreit
(11/29/2005 12:29 PM)

You're currently up to 116,000!

Google("Ben Langhinrichs")