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IBM Accessibility ODF Coding Challenge 2006

Thu 24 Aug 2006, 02:30 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
IBM Accessibility ODF Coding Challenge 2006 logo
From Bob Sutor's blog...
Today we’re officially announcing the IBM Accessibility ODF Coding Challenge 2006, a contest for university students that combines open standards, open source, and accessibility. Our goal is to train hundreds if not thousands of college software engineering students to create great software that is accessible to all people, right from the start.
I find this very intriguing, and wonder whether college students will see it as an exciting chance to push their limits and show their stuff, with the attention of the world's largest software company, or whether they will see it as a gimmick.  It sounds like something I would have jumped on as a college student, but even having a college student myself these days, I can't begin to imagine how they think.

Any college students out there care to comment?  What do you think of such a contest/challenge?

(I also really like the </barriers> logo!)

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What has been said:

482.1. Ben's Daugher (aka token college student)
(08/27/2006 01:25 PM)

Sounds a bit gimmicky to me, but then again I'm not into software. You should email Owen and see what he thinks