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Bill & Ted's Excellent AIDS Adventure

Fri 1 Dec 2006, 03:05 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Communication is an art, especially with a sixteen year old male who seems to do little but sleep and avoid us.  The highlight of my day with my sixteen year old often seems to be the three minutes we spend together in the car, as I speed him to school because he is so dreadfully late.  While I enjoy the time, if not the hectic pace, our conversations are not always exactly coherent.

Today, my son was still in the shower at 8:00am, despite the fact that his AP Chemistry class starts at 8:04am.  I pounded on the door, told him the time (to which he responded "How did that happen?", as if time shouldn't keep moving when he is sleepy), and went downstairs to turn the car around and get ready to race to school yet again.  I was quite surprised to see him come out of the house looking weird, with pants rolled up to his knees, a vest and red and black sweatshirt tied around his waist.

We took off, and he explained in the three minutes that it would take to get him to school... late... that he and his friend Patrick were dressing up as Bill and Ted (as in 
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) for AIDS Day.  "OK", I thought, because I had already read that December 1, 2006 was World AIDS Day earlier while checking my e-mail.  I looked at him, and could see the red sweatshirt, so since I knew people were supposed to dress in red for World AIDS Day, I could sort of see that, but it still seemed a stretch to go from that to dressing as Bill and Ted for AIDS Day.  Was this yet another celebrity calamity I knew nothing about?  Unfortunately, it was time for him to get out, so I was left wondering about the tenuous connection between Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and AIDS Day.

It was not until much later in the day that my wife clued me in that the High School was celebrating "
80's Day", and it all became a bit more clear.

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What has been said:

524.1. Chris Whisonant
(12/04/2006 05:24 AM)

That's awesome! So, how old was your son when that movie came out in 89? Just barely a twinkle in your eyes? I was about 11, so I really liked the movie...

524.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/04/2006 05:53 AM)

According to Wikipedia, the movie was released in February 1989, and my son was born in July 1990, so he missed the 80's entirely, as well as the movie's first release. I was 26, so I missed the movie as well. The really scary thing to me is that they are doing nostalgia days about the 80's. That, to me, is just plain scary.