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Wed 13 Dec 2006, 04:43 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Back on Dec. 8, I mentioned that the official Lotusphere site had a direct link to the LS 2007 Sessions DB, but shortly afterwards, Bruce Elgort wrote and asked where the link had gone.  I wasn't sure what the story was, but it turned out Sandra Marcus just thought that was not prominent enough.  Now, there is a prominent link.  Wow!
Lotusphere website prominent link

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What has been said:

531.1. Bruce Elgort
(12/14/2006 05:46 AM)

Oh crap...It's gone again! They must have moved it yet again. Just kidding. Job well done as usual Ben. Make some time for that ice cream sundae.

531.2. Joe Litton
(12/15/2006 07:32 AM)

Thanks Ben! Like many, many others, I've come to depend on your Sessions db. And now with the availability on the BlackBerry as well! Wow.