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Beta testers for Genii Jam - Interested?

Tue 15 Apr 2008, 09:03 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Inline GIF imageThe pipes and construction equipment are mostly out of sight, and the dust is starting to settle, so I wanted to invite anybody in the community, whether customers of Genii Software already, potential customers, or simply friends and colleagues, who would like to come in and kick the tires a bit and see how our implementation of Genii Jam works.  It will be live in the sense that all ideas and votes and comments will be kept (unless they start with the word "TEST:" in which case we can delete them for you when we go live) and acted on.

The look and feel will not be terribly different than IdeaJam, at least at first.  Like this weblog, GeniiJam is integrated into the website, but that integration is part of what I would like to improve.  Also, unlike IdeaJam, where all ideas comes from the community, we will be posting some ideas that either occur to us or have been posed through other methods, such as e-mail, the Support Forum or in person.  This does not mean we don't want your ideas, we do, we really do!  We just would also love your votes and feedback on ideas and suggestions we have.

Of course, like IdeaJam, registration is required, but I can assure you that both in the beta phase and later on, we won't use any personal information except as a way to follow up on specific ideas or comments which may require it.  The only moderation will be to prevent spam.  So, come on over, register and start telling us what we could do better.  Don't be shy!

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