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iFidelity Version 3.0a released: still free for IBM BPs

Thu 30 Jul 2009, 04:53 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Today we released iFidelity Version 3.0a and iFidelity Gateway Version 3.0a.  The features/fixes include (in no particular order):

  • Image resources, both local (same database) and remote (different database), now sent image parts included in the MIME.
  • Background images on table cells, using both local and remote image resources, now supported on Outbound
  • Computed image resources supported for both images and backgrounds
  • Margins inside nested tables now accurate whether percentages or absolute
  • Improved handling of padding and spacing around images and tables, both inbound and outbound
  • Modified HTML for Lotus iNotes to avoid preprocessing which strips some attributes
  • Outbound messages optimized to read better in Outlook 2007
  • More accurate calculation of line spacing on inbound mail
  • Enhanced recognition of colors in various formats, including malformed formats from Outlook 2003/2007
  • Handling of "monotype" and other semi-standard Outlook features
  • Recognition of partial CSS attributes which override general ones (e.g., border-left even when there is a border)
  • Handling of larger images on outbound mail (very large images were truncated)
  • Added names to outbound content parts to allow better parsing when returning inbound
  • Faster memory recovery of allocated chunks
  • Support for inline binary encoded MIME parts
  • Improved support for multi-byte characters in hotspots
  • Better spacing of text/html MIME part  to account for GMail oddities
  • Recognition of some MS Word conditionals to allow better processing of email from Outlook 2003/2007

That may seem like a lot of items, but with well over 50 companies using iFidelity now, we have had the chance to be exposed to a lot of scenarios.  I would expect the list of bug fixes to go down over time, but as we are taking a "perfection is only almost good enough" approach for now, there will still probably be a couple more releases with lots of minor issues addressed at once.  In addition, there may be a few changes necessary to optimally handle new external software, such as Lotus Notes 8.5.1, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Internet Explorer 8, and so on.

Note: When I checked, only the Windows version of iFidelity and iFidelity Gateway were actually updated on the website, so I'll be off to see where the Linux and AIX versions are.

Oh yes, the free license.  I'll repeat our offer to IBM Business Partners who sell or work actively with Lotus Software: a free iFidelity server license to use so that emails you send, or receive in either iNotes or the Notes client, can be rendered with the highest iFidelity quality.  You just have to ask (before we end the offer) by filling out the iFidelity BP Order form.  And for you customers, feel free to try out the free evaluation license.

Copyright 2009 Genii Software Ltd.

What has been said:

848.1. Dag Kvello
(30.07.2009 22:55)

Now I only need a 64-bit version for the 64bit Domino on 64bit Windows.

848.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(07/30/2009 11:03 PM)

@Dag - That will take a few more weeks, I'm afraid. I'll post when it is available.

848.3. Dag Kvello
(04.08.2009 15:09)

Yay !!! I was worried that there would never be a 64-bit version :-)